Sunday, July 9, 2017

9 July 2017 (Sunday)

On this day in 1936 (Thursday):
Went to park. Mom's Circle. Played with Ruby, Barbara, Polly. Those girls staying at Mrs. Nigard's. Read "An Old Fashion Girl". 4th time. 
It's a Louisa May Alcott book.

I slept well last night, until 4:45. Didn't go to Mass. Well, Fr. Basso was there and I don't really like him. I mean, he's a nice guy, but I don't like the way he does Mass. Spousal Unit made waffles.

Started to watch a movie last night ("Passengers") but I thought it was boring so I kinda missed a bit of it and we turned it off and went to bed before it was over. Will watch the rest tonight. I read the plot synopsis and it gets better, supposedly. I mean, pretty standard stuff. Mostly.

I was lazy all morning, just sat and watched TV. Saw the F1 race which was okay, also watched the IndyCar race this afternoon. Did the usual lunch and shopping thing at UVil. Nothing spectacular there either. Really didn't do much this afternoon either.

I may sleep better when I have a little alcohol in the late afternoon. I may continue trying this, although I would probably just do a little snort of bourbon instead of beer or wine. I also made a blueberry cobbler this afternoon.

Oh, one nice thing was that I went down to get the propane tank filled up and Sonny Sicklier was there. He was a really good QB for Washington back in the 1970s. Chatted a bit. He's a decent guy.

Walked south and back this evening. Sunny was out on her steps so we chatted with her a bit. She's looking her age. Had a bruise above her left eye though. Must call Margie this week. 

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