Saturday, July 8, 2017

8 July 2017 (Saturday)

On this day in 1936:
Went over to Gran'mas[sic]. Ruth and I put rug in clover and played. Went to Aunt Beths. Had giggles all day. Started with squeaky bed. Oh boy.
I love this diary.

So, last night. I had two bizarre dreams that I remember, both (I think) after a period of being awake for a while although not enough to require any assistance. The first had me working on a report at Cascadia (I was the only one there) and some gangsters came in and were doing something to some guy. They were nice enough to me, but when I got into the Honda and tried to speed away, the Boss stopped me and. . . well, I don't remember what, but he let me go.

The second had all us kids at home in FdL at Mom's house and it was raining really hard and I noticed all of the ceilings and walls were soaked. In the dream, they were all drywall, but theirs are lathe and plaster. Anyway, I went up into the attic -- much bigger than the real one -- and found some sort of pump was gushing water into it. I believe that was supposed to represent the sump pump. Mom was also there and she was talking very well. Anyway, didn't like either of those. But I slept until 4:45.

Then the power went out right about 6 am. So we showered and went out for breakfast, which hadn't been the plan. Power was on when we got back. Goofed around (mostly) the rest of the morning before going up to the SuBAru dealer to get the new key. Ended up costing like $340. And it took them over an hour. I took a short nap while waiting. Lunch (Arby's), the work wear shop (where I bought a pink hi-vis t-short (clearance!)) and then a couple of estate sales. I got a book of Hemingway stuff, The Sun Also Rises and a few other things. The former I've been reading a biography about; not about Hemingway generally, but the lead-up to The Sun Also Rises. He was such an ass. The only reason people tolerated him was because of his writing.

At home we did some more searching for the source of the flies. I sat before the window for like 20 minutes to see if they were coming in the window somewhere, but no. Then I cleaned out under the stairs; negative as well (though I did get rid of a bunch of stuff). Called my siblings. Watched the pre-race and some of the race. I made fish on the grill (not very successfully). Meh. But my beer was once again delicious. It's a Leinenkugel's light lager, which is pretty okay. I could use a bit more hoppiness but it's about what a lager should taste like. I believe I may actually sleep better when I have some alkyhol in the late afternoon.

Walked at NGate just to see if they had my college football magazine. I don't know why I still buy the sump thing, but it's kind of a July ritual in preparation for the season. My interest has been declining somewhat as it's gotten more elaborate with the playoffs and what not, but it's more like the pro game's spectacle. I enjoy watching the games still, but I'm not quite as rabid about it. 

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