Friday, July 7, 2017

7 July 2017 (Friday)

On this day in 1936:
Got thirteen mosquito bites. Don't like the city now. Practice [Isoned]. Helped Mom clean house. Surprise. Ruth stayed all nite. 
Not an altogether normal day. Had lots of trouble falling asleep last night. Was stuffed up and just unable to. Had two whacks of ambien, but then I was okay all night. I dunno, just sort of restless and uncomfortable.

Rode to the gym, uneventful. Chatted with some chick for a bit; she's been down there a while and doesn't wear earbuds so I figured she'd be safe to say Hello to. Was a shortened workout as I had to get back and take the Spousal Unit to an endodontist appt. but I still got most of what I wanted to do done.

I hung out at NGate SBux while she was in the chair. I looked up a map of where I'm going to on Monday to try to find an easy route. That whole area -- South Park/Marginal Way -- is really confusing so I try to avoid it as much as possible. I can take 102nd in unless it goes through Boeing property. Did some emailing and then just read stuff.

After that, I fixed the broken awning -- the string broke and I thought it was a goner, but was able to tie the two ends together so it at least works -- and then did some watering and got lunch for myself and a shake for the Spousal Unit. I got a hot dog from 5 Guys. Damn thing made me incredibly thirsty for the next couple of hours. After lunch I took down a limb from one of the front trees. It was growing out horizontally and, although I'm too short to hit it, I noticed that anyone over 6' would probably have to duck. Needs to grow up more anyway.

Then I went and got the Wonder washed and picked up some hamburger and landscape tape on the way back and used the latter to tie the top of the small maple out front to the top of the pole it's next to so it goes straight up. Did some other things, read, made dinner, etc. Flies still a problem, but I think they may be starting to wane a bit. Walked in Laurelhurst.

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