Wednesday, July 5, 2017

5 July 2017 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1936:
Annabelle's birthday. [top of page] Up at 4:30 o'clock. Walked 2-1/2 mi to start with Ruth and Dad. Then back. Took 4 hrs. Went swimming. Shot fire crackers. Helmicks & Carkeeks went home. 
We have a Carkeek Park here -- at the time it wold have been in its present location -- but I can't tell if she's referring to the Park or to people named Carkeek which would be cool.

Slept well last night, until 4:45. That's the difference with this Trazodone: I can wake up and not get all wound up, or at least a little bit of mind gaming (multiplication tables, etc.) calms me right down and I can sleep again.

Workout went quite well. Rode the bike and that was uneventful as well. I went to Cascadia and did some more archiving. On the way back I stopped at the Ace Hardware (I have not found a way to make that into a goofy name) and got two new keys made and a Hello Kitty keychain for the Spousal Unit, and a wax ring for the toilet. Once home I did some piddling things and then went for lunch at McD's. Removed and reinstalled the toilet with the new ring -- it had been making a noise when sat upon -- and that went fine, took about 30 minutes (I'm getting good at it). Then I went to UVil to get some salad for dinner, sat around SBux for a bit, and then came home and sunned myself for a bit. Made dinner, UVil for walk. We went there mainly to get a pitcher plant to get all the flies. The fly paper downstairs has 7 on it. I feel bad because they just get stuck on it and slowly die, although I suppose they can't really feel anything. I did some research and apparently Australia had a lot of flies during their summer, which they put down to a very wet winter (check), cool spring (check), and warm summer (check, so far). Anyway, I hope the pitcher plant will get some.

Will be going down to the Duwamish Monday for some fieldwork, actually pretty light work I think. But later in the day so I can still work out.

Mood: Same (crappy). (which is good)

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