Monday, July 17, 2017

17 July 2017 (Monday)

On this day in 1936 (Friday):
Saw "Mr. Deeds Goes To Town" with Gary Cooper & Jean Arthur. It was swell. Went over to Hebert's. Went to a shower (Maries & Franks). They got lots of things. 
Didn't spend too long in the bed last night, I had a bad dream and woke up. Don't remember what it was though. Ended up on the floor the rest of the night (thanks, Daisy) and woke up several more times but slept until the alarm went off. Morning routine went well, although Daisy left a huge dumper uncovered and a dingleberry on the floor so I had to deal with that at 4:30. Drive up to the watershed went fine and I ended up doing a walkover, some screening, and a little monitoring. Found a clear glass bottle base with a 5-point star in a stippled circle that I have been unable to identify as of yet.

Left there around 9:45, drove home, dealt with a couple of things, and then had a bit of lunch and rode to the IMA to work out. Very hard workout. Lot more people there than early morning, of course, although one guy from the mornings was there, too. Didn't see anyone else familiar. Some chick on the mat next to me kept coughing like she had a bucket of phlegm in her lungs, ewwww. At least she didn't do it while I was down there.

Came home, watered plants, got trash, etc., out front, did some dishes, made some cake cookies, dinner. Walked at NGate to ask the Penney's ladies what to do with our defective blinds. They're going to call them tomorrow and ask. Probably just re-order. Bought some shorts. I'm giving up on the cargo shorts since I'm not liking them anymore. Pockets are way too big, too baggy, and they make my scrawny legs look like a 12-year old's. Am doing either jeans or some new Docker's ones.

That is all.

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