Sunday, July 16, 2017

16 July 2017 (Sunday)

On this day in 1936 (Thursday):
Grandma came over. Practiced. Painted Rex's old (car) bug. Charles had paint from head to foot. So many pretty airplanes tonight flying over. Had ice cream. 
That's kind of charming, mentioning that they had ice cream. I guess it wouldn't have been something you would keep in the freezer and get any time. It's hard to remember how different things were.

Slept very well last night, until alarm went off at 5. Spousal Unit slept in until almost 6:30. Made pancakes here. One would think that if I got all that sleep I wouldn't nap. But I did, kind of a long one (for me, like 20 minutes) and I was really out. Odd that. And yesterday when I was awake at 4 I didn't nap at all.

No Mass as usual although Fr. Basso is there and I don't like his Masses. I did the usual chores (litter box, etc.) and watched the F1 race, although it was boring as usual, except for several breakdowns in the last few laps. Watered this morning; it hasn't rained for 26 days so several plants in the back have to be watered almost daily. I'm hoping we get some rain soon.

Went to UVil and such, and while there I managed to lose $40 by getting it out at the grocery store and then walking off and leaving it. I went back in the vain hope some kind soul and turned it in, but they didn't and I wasn't really expecting it either. So whatever. Be an airhead, you have to pay for it.

Back home we watched the race and then did the usual dinner-making. As a side note, for most of my life I would boil corn on the cob and eat it off of the cob. Then about 15 years ago (or maybe less) I saw a show called A Nero Wolfe Mystery, and one episode had something to do with corn (Wolfe was a stickler for food, I take it), and he went on and one about how it should always be roasted and not boiled blah blah blah. So I tried it and that's the way we've eaten it ever since. Not on the cob, however, I always slice it off onto the plate. "Corn off the cob" we call it. I remember my brother and SiL when they lived in Germany, their neighbors thought it was funny how Americans would eat corn on the cob because that's how pigs eat corn. Heh.

Anyway, walked to Metropolitan Market and I got a sandwich for tomorrow (field). Pleasant day, like sunny and 72. 

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