Saturday, July 15, 2017

15 July 2017 (Saturday)

On this day in 1936 (Wednesday):
Read "Anne of Avonlea". [froned] some. Played with Mimi & Chuck on Rex's bug. Rode around with Mom & Dad. Saw stadium. Beautiful U. Watched [aiylaneng Iamchllichts]. Pretty.
The last couple of days have been hard to read because she used a pencil.

Slept well last night but woke up at 4, grrrr. Got all wound up on these maps and junk. I ended up spending a couple of hours scanning and tracing and scanning this morning. Ate in. Went to SBux to get some caffeine. Finished those around 10:45. We drove out to North Bend and had a decidedly sub-par lunch at a Burger King. I think I shan't go there again. Went to the Outlets there and I got some jeans shorts and a pair of sneakers. Skechers this time. They seem wide enough at the front that they don't pinch and make my left foot hurt. Also exceptionally light. Wore them on our walk this evening and they did fine.

Oh, this morning I shave for the first time since last Saturday. The cut part of my wound doesn't really hurt but it's very bruised and still swollen and that hurts to the touch. Might wait until next Saturday again.

Stopped at an Albertson's and got some comestibles and then home. We tried to put up the new shades but it didn't go well. Okay, the actual installation went fine but the dumb thing doesn't wind itself up like it's supposed to. I think it's defective. It will roll up a little if it's on the ground flat, but when it's in place it just rolls all the way down and then does nothing. Probably have to take it back.

Went for a walk and it was pleasant. Supposed to cool down tomorrow.

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