Wednesday, July 12, 2017

12 July 2017 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1936 (Sunday):
Shriner's Convention & Fleet Week! Went to Sunday School. Went with Ruth to Salt Water Park (also with her cousins, Meg, Charlotte & Evelyn). Had fun. Went swimming. 
Funny, I recently did a survey at Saltwater State Park.

I slept well last night, although had to go on the floor for a while. Ended up not waking up until almost 5. I think I woke up around 4 and started to get all worked up, but just starting to do some multiplication tables and a couple other things put me right back. That's the difference this Trazodone junk makes: I can actually halt the mind-going-100-miles-and-hour.

Rode to the IMA and had a really pretty good workout. Started off kind of weak, but eventually got into it. Someone said good morning to me, a new chick. She looks kind of fierce.

Ride home was uneventful as well. It's getting easier going uphill as my legs get stronger and more used to riding. Left pretty quickly for Cascadia as I had actual work to do. I looked over a proposal for TT and then started some mapping for MN. I do enjoy making maps. I need to trace parts of it in Illustrator though. It's a bit tedious. Probably worth it though.

Left there a little before 12 and had lunch at 5 Guys. Tried to find a mouse/rat live trap at the Ace but they didn't have any. Went home and started tracing the maps and getting them into Illustrator and it's working out well so far. Then I went to UVil and found some live traps (one now sitting in the basement) and got some stuff at the QFC. Spousal Unit is having lots of stress at work and today seemed more than usual (based on texts) so I got some stuff to make daiquiris. Didn't turn out well (for her, I thought it was fine). We emptied the one closet downstairs to check for mice activity, but nothing. I believe they are/were behind the entertainment center.

Dinner, walked. Mood: Excellent (i.e., very angry and determined). 

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