Tuesday, July 11, 2017

11 July 2017 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1936 (Saturday):
Read "Treasure Hunting." Made a cake. Practiced. Went to library. Got "Anne of Green Gables" and "Anne of [Annolise]" (some spelling). Read some more. 
Don't know what that one word is. I looked it up online and came back with nothing.

Busy day today. Also this Crapintosh is living up to my nickname for it.

Slept okay. I didn't go to the TV room on my first wake up, but did on the second. That is some progress. Rode in and had a decidedly mediocre workout. Was Kind of worn out, probably because I didn't eat much yesterday: for lunch I had a donut and half an apple, then a half of a donut and a little salad at dinner, until my chin started bleeding. It was okay though.

Went to Cascadia and worked in the morning, then came home and went to McD's and then worked a little more at home and thence to QFC and SBux. SBux was interesting, lots of teenagers were coming through today. Also saw one of the females from the IMA and she did NOT dress like I would have expected. Kind of Goth. Didn't see that one coming.

At Cascadia earlier I had first planned on going to Port Angeles tomorrow, this afternoon it was switched to the watershed tomorrow, now it is maybe watershed on Thursday. Yeesh. So the donuts I got today at the QFC might wait until Thursday if at all. I did some cleaning and then started to read The Sun Also Rises while sipping a little bourbon. Best line (of many) from that book: "I do declare. There is an actual harlot. I'm going to dance with her. . . " Ha!

Then I made a text to TT in Hemingway-speak. I don't know why, but for some reason after reading him I feel like thinking and writing like that.

What else. Found some mouse droppings by the furnace area. That may be where the flies are coming from, although we haven't noticed any food items being broken into. But tomorrow I'm going to clean out a couple of closets and then get a couple of live traps. I'd kind of been wondering why we haven't had any mice around here, but maybe it's finally happened.

Just did a normal walk. Spousal Unit is very disgusted with Boeing. She doesn't think she'll get an off to relocate to Arizona, but a couple of useless suckups will or already have. But then, she also thinks they'll get people down there and then cut 'em loose after a couple of years anyway. Much distress and everything is up in the air. Good thing I am in such a Who Gives A F*** mood. Not that I don't care, but it's a matter of Not Giving A F*** and just doing what is necessary.

That's all I want. To do what needs to be done, don't bother anyone, and make other people happy. 

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