Saturday, June 10, 2017

9 (maybe also 10) June, 2017 (Friday)

On the last few days in 1936:
7 June 1936
Went to Sunday School. Ruth came up after S.S. Went to Ruth’s cousins with them. (Heberts). Played paper dolls. Dolls dresses [unk] off at wrong time Rob.
8 June
Had Mastry in Oakley’s. Didn’t see Bob. Practiced. Read. Played outside with Mimi & Chuck until late (in fact 8:30)
9 June
Had ‘nother Mastry in Oakley also in Purvus’/ Came home and read a wonderfull[sic] story in the American Girl. 10 hrs. Didn’t see Bob.

Haven't been keeping up with these things, I'm afraid. Almost non-stop busy-ness since arriving in Fond du Lac. Flight out was fine as was the drive up, although the Buick SUV I got was awful. Wimpy engine. Slushbox transmission. And the suspension somehow managed to be both floaty and hard at the same time. Glad to be rid of that. 

As a quick summary: Thursday I spent getting supplies for my stay and organizing things. Mom has been chatty a lot. Been saying some goofy things but not much. Thursday afternoon I went for a bike ride in the afternoon and then rode up to see Mom after Gille's. Friday (yesterday, I'm actually writing this on Saturday morning the 10th) I spent the afternoon doing some landscaping work around the garage. Much of it is overgrown with weeds so after my brother had laid down some black fabric I ripped more of it out. Had to go to Fleet and get a new shovel though, and a hoe. Very sweaty work. Didn't go out for fish last night as I didn't really ask around and nobody offered, so I had a pizza instead. 

I'm going to post some of the stuff I put on Mom's Facebook page to provide some more detail on what I've been doing.

June 7:
Friends. . . .Romans. . . . .Countrymen. . . . .Lend me your eyeballs.
Rolled into Fondylac around 5:15. By 5:30 I was firmly ensconced on the porch with a Culver's salad and an Old Style. I'm beginning to like the cut of this Old Style's jib, tellyawhat.
Went and saw Herself shortly thereafter and She was in a delightful mood. She clearly said that it was "So good to hear your voice Tony".
I note with some dismay that She had nothing to say about actually *seeing* me.
Anyway, She was quite chatty and pretty clear with only minimal weirdness. She did seem fixated on email again. And going to "Mom's house" but "without Barb and Jeff".
We watched about 25 minutes of Ultimate Fighting ("Oh woooooow") before I realized that the Brewer game was actually on the *other* FS1 channel and at that point, as one can tell by the accompanying photograph, thus ended the visiting.
Still planning on a Sunday birthday shindig; going to find out about the appropriate venue tomorrow or Friday (still somewhere within the confines of the Lutheran Home though); I'm imagining more of an hour and a half or so of people dropping by rather than everybody showing up at once, so don't worry on a particular arrival time.
UPDATE: FYI, I obtained a Buick Enclave as a rental and I have two observations:
1) I now know what the term 'slushbox' refers to.
2) After ten minutes I threw my Ambien out the window as I apparently don't need them anymore.*yawn*
June 8:
Update du jour:
Apart from the stuff I posted earlier anyway.
Herself was in a good mood most of today. Chatty, mostly understandable. Very interested this evening about what the Brewers were doing, even though we were watching the Yankees-Red Sox game (but She was commenting upon them as well). She still defies my efforts to get her to use the TV remote, even though it would allow Her to switch to either baseball or at least something more interesting than Rachel frickin' Ray (my opinion, not (necessarily) Hers).
I spent much of the day doing necessary errands and biking around Fondyberg which is nicely flat compared to Seattle. I remain firmly convinced that riding to Gille's, thence to the Home, and finally home-home effectively cancels out a small Badger sundae.
Otherwise, thanks to everyone for keeping the ancestral manor house in good shape. When I got in yesterday there was a small band of roving gypsies camped out in the basement, but after giving them a couple bottles of arak they left peaceably and continued their roving ways.
Today's Artifact from the Life of Mom is from a trip to Thailand She took with Jeffy in. . . .1988? 1989? I can't figure out what Jeffy is carrying, but despite their apparent grim visages, it was a pretty good trip.
That is all.
I think.
June 9:
I didn't get in until around 9:45 because I spent the first part of the morning working on a [censored] report. We had arranged to meet with a nice banker lady and a nice. . .notary lady (I guess) to have Mom sign something. And by "sign something" I mean gamely scribble something on a piece of paper and call it good. (Note: I really did not just say that, it was an official and proper document signing, duly witnessed by all of us).
She was quite chatty and after I had gone looking for the speech therapist and came back, Janice was in for a visit. So we chatted a bit and then I went out into the lobby/sun room to continue working on the [censored] report.
As for me, I spent the rest of the afternoon in the back yard hacking my way through the tangled underbrush next to the garage. Managed to fill up the entire giant garbage bin in about an hour. Happily, no deadly creatures jumped out at me. Couple spiders, meh.
Then, after the standard Championship Supper of pizza, beer, and a Gille's sundae, I rode back to the Home where dear Mother was very chatty -- most of which was understandable -- but much of it revolved around email and where Tony had gone off to. *harumph* After Phyllis called I changed the channel on the TV to what I hoped will have the Brewer game on at 8:30. She may end up watching Ultimate Fighting again though.
Note: When riding one's bike around these parts at dusk I have two pieces of helpful advice:
1) Wear sunglasses because riding through the swarms of whatever [censored] bugs these are will end up flying into every orifice on one's face, especially one's eyes.
2) Don't attempt to retaliate at the [censored] bugs by opening your mouth and calling them "[CENSORED] BUGS!' because then, well, you know. (*crunch crunch crunch* Yum! Protein!)
Today's Artifact From the Life of Mom is a very small (like 3"x2") photo that was in a little frame on a dresser. I don't remember ever seeing it before. Probably been in the frame like that for 50 years. There's no date on it, but I look about 2-3 so it could be in Colorado or maybe Sun Prairie, ca. 1964-65. It was pretty faded in the upper left, but the nice man at the Staples tried to get it cleared up as best he could (he did it gratis, too; damned decent of him).
I'm the little goober next to Mom. Jeffy in front and Barb (Bj) over to the left. Dad seems happy.
I swear I saw that dress (it's green) not too long ago when we were cleaning out closets.
Good day.

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