Monday, June 5, 2017

5 June 2017 (Monday)

On this day in 1936:
Wore costume to school for dance. Saw Bob. Bumped into Lloyd & he saw me (miricile[sic]). Had Dancing at Field 4th & 5th periods. Read. 
Hmmmmm. Maybe Bob isn't her beau but she's too a shining to Lloyd.

Busy day. Got up at 4:15 and went to the watershed at 5:30. Then they weren't excavating. I did a little work, mainly doing a surface survey (found a neat little white thing) (no, I don't know what it was) and then cleaning off some old brickwork making up a manhole, tallied up some artifact counts, and then left. Traffic was not good so it took almost an hour to get back. Dropped off a camera at Cascadia and then went home, changed, and went to the IMA. Vicious, hard, angry workout. Which is good. Went to McD's and guzzled a bunch of soda and a hamburger and then went home.

Back here, I worked on a proposal, did some piddly other work things and then did the top step. Nails all went in nicely but the stuff I was going to fill in the nail holes with was hard as a rock so I'll have to get something else. Did some other cleaning-related stuff and also had to give the cats lots of attention. Jack was especially in need of attention.

Dinner, walked at NGate because the Spousal Unit had to get some stuff.

Also very big news but I will not relate that for a while. 

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