Friday, June 30, 2017

30 June 2017 (Friday)

On this day in 1936:
Last day a[sic] June. Mothers sick. Did dishes, ironed, practiced, and help with supper. Went to Annabelle's birthday party. Had fun. Had fireworks. 
Tiring day, both mentally and physically. Slept pretty well, albeit until only about 4. Woke up in a foul mood. Not about anything in particular, I don't think, though was feeling really bad about myself, but in an angry sort of way. I got up at the usual time for going out to the site, but somehow was very slow and didn't shove off until almost 5:30 (usually 5:15). Slow at the SBux, too. I guess I was surrounded by a Vortex of Slow today.

Work out there was okay. Probably didn't even have to be there, but better safe than sorry I guess. Did some monitoring, some screening (not much), and was ready to go around 10 but then they decided to dig a sewer trench. I watched that until I was satisfied that they were all in previously excavated junk and then left around 1. Uneventful drive home. After breakfast this morning, I had a donut, a protein bar, and an apple. Warm, probably 85 up there. Couldn't even roll up my sleeves (4" sleeve, mandatory!) so I have a farmer tan again. Mostly just sat around when I got home, although I hung the new pictures in the back stairway, showered, and drank some bad beer (my own; didn't carbonate hardly at all). Wasn't very thirsty either for some reason.

Ordered pizza and salad for dinner. Walked.

One of those days I wouldn't mind just disappearing in a puff of smoke, I admit. 

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