Tuesday, June 27, 2017

27 June 2017 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1936:
Rained. Played paper dolls with Annabelle. I'm Corcona Champion now. Won three games. 
Have no idea what corcona is.

I guess today was okay. Slept through the night again but woke up at like 4. I felt okay most of the day, but I'd still rather sleep until at least 4:30. Workout started slow, not much energy or enthusiasm, but I got it going and did well.

Went to Cascadia a little early, but did little except get a project all archived. But I did decide to start learning GIS. I've worked with it before on and off, but not enough to really become good with it. But we have projects coming up that require using a GPS unit and sending shape files, so we really need some in-house expertise. I downloaded a free one and started working with it. A LinkedIn contact, who I may have worked with once many years ago, had me call her up and we talked about how to get started, what to use, etc. I did a couple hours with a tutorial and am more comfortable with it. I think it will work well. I plan on doing a little training every day.

Came home and then went to lunch at 5 Guys. Home, training, and then bottled up my latest batch of beer. It may have been a little light on the alcohol upon bottling but the added sugar and carbonation will bump that up a bit. Hopefully, this will be the recipe. That all took up a good chunk of the afternoon. I did a little bit of work on the guitar.

Dinner, walked at NGate, partially to get some ideas for blinds for the kitchen window.

Have many things I would like to say right now, but I shan't. 

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