Monday, June 26, 2017

26 June 2017 (Monday)

On this day in 1936:
Took music lesson. Ruth came over. Went down to store. Took Grandma to boat. Stayed in park for a while. Played paper dolls. 
Back to the routine. Rode the bike to the gym this morning without incident. Think I'll drive the rest of the week. Good workout. Actually very good. A good, intense, "angry" one. The "anger" really focusses me on what I'm doing. Stuart was there. I was working on one of the multiple cable machines, as he was, when he went off to do something else, planning on coming back to his cable. While he was away a young female took it over. I said nothing. When he came back he thanked me for watching out for his equipment. I told him I thought I was. . . . .

Went to Cascadia but didn't do much except assuage the Parks people. Also started working on some GIS stuff to see if I can do it. Left there about 11 to go to Spam's Club and then to lunch and thence off to do some errands. I returned some wood pieces to Dunn that I didn't use and then got some stuff done at UVil and sat for a while in SBux because my stomach felt horrible. Left there, came home, and laid in the sun for a while to help get rid of my farmer tan. Made dinner, walked, etc.

Ran across this quote from Cary Grant's biography:
The shock of each revelation brings with it an anguish of sadness for what was not known before in the wasted years of ignorance and, at the same time, an ecstasy of joy at being freed from the shackles of such ignorance.
He's referring to his use of LSD for therapeutic purposes. I found a great deal of kinship for the first half of that sentence. "Wasted years of ignorance". Yet, there is no joy in my freedom from that ignorance.

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