Thursday, June 22, 2017

22 June 2017 (Thursday)

On this day in 1936:
U. of W. crews won all three crew races (Whopee). We won over California & big crews back east. Read a Nancy Drew story. Played paper dolls. Poughkeepsie.[on the side]
 She was a very big UW sports fan even at that age.

First day back in this awful town, blehh. Couldn't get to sleep (ambien) and then woke up at 3 and was wide awake, but some ambien came to the rescue again so I was reasonably well rested. Workout was okay, although my right knee hurt on the presses. Sadly, can't work out tomorrow as I have to go up to the watershed. I came back and started in on some work, then went to Cascadia and finished a report. Got my materials for tomorrow, came back home and we (Spousal Unit took these two days off) went for lunch and got the vehicle washed. Stopped at the frame store on the way back and got a frame for my old Dodge Boys Rodeo puzzle and for some other little pictures we have.

I think I worked some more on the report after getting back, and then got my field gear ready. One of my boxes came, too. Mostly kept busy all afternoon. Made dinner. Walked up to the Slaveway to get some other things I'd forgotten at the QFC this afternoon. Waiting now for the cat sitter to come by and get paid. 

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