Thursday, June 22, 2017

21 June 2017 (Wednesday)

On this day the last several days in 1936:
16 June
Ruth came over about 10:30. We made are[sic] own lunch. Went down to church for Commercial Club Dinner. (Played paper dolls too)
17 June
Ruth’s birthday. Went over about two o’clock. Stayed till after 8:00. Ate “the birthday dinner” with them. Sewed & played.
18 June
Stayed down at store. Sold 37[cents] worth of things. Lloyd came down. Played in sand. Went over to Ruth’s Party.
19 June
Took music lesson. Ate lunch. Bob came down with his bike. Rode it. Played house with Mimi & Chuck. Played baseball. Surprise party for Allen[underlined].
20 June
Practiced. Walked over to Ruth’s. Went down to Audrey’s ‘cause John was there. Ate. Went out. A miracle, I[underlined] stayed all nite at Ruth[underlined]
21 June
Harold’s birthday. Went to S.S. Went to Brotherhood Picnic. Swam from 2:30-6:00. Bob’s afraid of the water. (Last Friday) Leslie King & Grace Crosby were engaged. 
On flight back to Seattle. Kind of bittersweet, as usual. I’m so very comfortable in Wisconsin but there’s nothing for me here. And I dislike Seattle. But then, I probably don’t belong anywhere except where the Spousal Unit is.

Haven’t kept up with this, I know. By the time I get home from Mom’s it’s after 7 and and my first priority is her Facebook entry.

It was a good trip, I got quite a lot done. Main things are the signing of the release papers for the annuity so she can still pay for a few more months; having a successful birthday party; getting at least the landscaping done. I didn’t do much socializing, except for at the party of course. Mainly I didn’t want to bother anyone so I let them contact me if they wanted to get together. Consequently, I only did some things with the usual crowd of the Pool People and the relatives (sans Michele). Only went out for fish once. Stopped going to the Gille’s after about 5 days because I was just getting fat. I did, however, drink a beer almost every day.

Tim’s daughter’s wedding was okay, may have written about that earlier. Drove to Spring Green and made it to the motel, and drove over with Tim and his brother. Didn’t know anyone for a while, so I just hung out and observed. Finally Tim’s mom, Rita, recognized me and from then on I had a few people that I knew. Tim, Beth, Jim and What’sHerName Reideman, and Tim’s parents. Didn’t really visit with anyone new except my dinner tablemates. Too loud though. The DJ should have turned it down and shut up during dinner; as it was we could barely hear each other. They played some silly game, too. A band, which included the father of the groom, played for a while and to be honest they were pretty good. Too loud though. The kids liked them. Stayed until about midnight. Then woke up at 5:50 which was okay, and decided to just drive home at 7. Back in Fondylac by 9.

Rest of the time was fairly busy. I went to Joe’s Fox Hut Tuesday afternoon as my Bar of the Trip. Kind of nice. They had Schlitz on tap which you never see anymore. I had one. Schlitz wasn’t my thing — they had probably almost gone under by the time I came of drinking age — but I like it anyway. Or at least the idea of Schlitz.

Rental car was awful, a Jeep Compass. Ick ick ick. Wimpy rough engine, bad seating position, everything awful.

Flight is okay so far. Trying to get texting access without luck.

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