Friday, June 2, 2017

2 June 2017 (Friday)

On this day in 1936:
6 days 1 hr. Worried all day about not getting my pajamas done. Aunt Anna helped Mom today. Saw Bob.
Busy day. Slept okay although I woke up probably around 3 and was sweating so I had to throw the blanket off (on couch). Stayed in the bed quite a while, I think.

Workout was really good. Muscles didn't really get fatigued at all. It's the last day of classes, too. Came home, ate bagel, and then started doing things. I went and got my mocha and then went to the hair place and got that cut and also talked to Anne about looking after the cats. We may be paying someone to stay overnight anyway.

I went to the Dunn Lumber after that and got yet another potential threshold. This one will work, I think. Will attach it with silicone and screw the riser part in. Lunch at McD's. They're trying this thing where they have a couple of 'hostesses' bring you your food; they give you a number and you put it on the table. She even offered to get my beverage, which was my initial reaction: "I'd have to put my stuff down and then go get the drink, leaving it sit there." I dunno. There, I kinda just like to get the food and be by myself. (Unless I'm with someone, of course)

Went back home and did. . . something. Oh, cashed my two Cascadia checks, finally. Then went to NGate to meet Fiona. She was going to visit the cats, too. She may have stayed overnight, but probably not. Nice visit though.

Went to UVil after that and got dinner matériel. Did a little checking out of the Sidewalk Sale. Meh. Well, when we went back this evening I snagged a nice metal SBux mug like the good one I have, but without the handle. $7, usually like $23. I just hope it seals well.

Made dinner. More committed to my new lifestyle than ever. 

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