Thursday, June 15, 2017

15 June 2017 (Thursday)

On this day in 1036:
Slept late. Cleaned room. Played piano. Went over to Hebert’s (Their 16th anniversary) Ruth, Bob, and I played games. 
It's all over.

Woke up at 3 and had to pop an ambien because I was WIDE AWAKE. Maybe because I ran out of chamomile; I totally miscounted. Could not find any locally, but I found some other junk with chamomile in it.

Workout was good. Did some work. Went to see Mom, she was very tired again. Did some errands. Finished putting the fabric in the back of the house and cleared out the south side of the porch. There was an old bed frame there, huh? I went and ordered more rock and that came around 4 so I went out and spread that in the area behind the house. Still have some left over, but I think I can just spread it around the existing places. Need to move the old dirty rock though. Will need to go to the dump tomorrow, too. Tomorrow will be busy. 

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