Wednesday, June 14, 2017

14 June 2017 (Wednesday)

On the last few days in 1936:
11 June
1 more hr. Didn’t do anything in school. Got candy bar for prize. Played with Mimi & Chuck today. Saw Bob.
12 June
Wonder of Wonders we’re out o’ school. Saw Bob & Floyd. Got 14 A’s. Had surprise party on Mom & Dad (25 anniversary).
13 June
Sunday School Picnic. Went all over the park. Awful hot day. Went swimming at Echo Lake. Water fine.
14 June
25 anniversary. Had party (all relatives). Woody, Verne, Dorothy & I went to locks. Still hot. Saw Bob. 
Not been keeping up with this. Last entry was last Friday. Quick summary:

I don't remember what I did Saturday, apart from riding the bike out to the Eden Grill for breakfast. 

Sunday we had the bday party for Mom and it went quite well. About 20+ people showed up and Mom was very happy. She even had some cake. Really nicely turned out to which I attribute Mom's many years of being a good friend and family member. 

Monday I worked out and then started in on the landscaping, which I may have started Saturday. I tore out everything in the back and north side of the garage and put down fabric and edging, and did the same for the old tree circle. May have also started to rip out the 8 miles of ivy roots in the back of the house. Ended up taking out all the rock, too. Well, most of it. I think Tuesday night we had a rip roaring thunderstorm and I drove home right in the middle of it (and recorded it!). Took a while because half the time I didn't know what street I was on. 

Today I ordered stone, 1 ton of it, and it was there when I got home this afternoon around 12:30. Only took a couple of hours to put it all in. Looks nice. Even had some left over and did a little portion by the porch. Tomorrow I'm going to try to fabric the rear of the house and put the rocks back in, and then clear out all the crap from the south side of the porch. 

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