Monday, May 8, 2017

8 May 2017 (Monday)

On this day in 1936 (Friday):
Worked on organization in Oakleys[sic] (one III-B). Took music lesson played out. Fixed yard.
Odd day today. Had trouble getting to sleep last night and required 1/4 ambien. But then I slept mostly through. On the floor. Daisy was on the couch (Jack was, too) and she was just too adorable to move. Woke up a little before 4:30.

Workout was really good. Quite a few people there today, too. Lots of females down there this quarter as well. Came home, etc., and then left for Cascadia. I didn't get a lot done because I was fiddling with email and other junk. I had dropped donations off at Assumption beforehand, too. I left there around 11:20 and then the saga began. I went to Spam's Club to get gas (in the Mustang) and the stupid pump wouldn't read my credit or Club card at various points so I left in a huff. I went inside and got a couple things where both cards worked with no difficulties. Then I went to the Chevron near me and that place couldn't read my Safeway card for discounts and then kept me in a loop asking for it. So I left in a huff. Went to the Shell station on 25th and they had no Regular so I left in a huff. I finally ended up at the Chevron on 25th and that one wouldn't read my Safeway card either, but I made it out of the loop and just bought the damn gas. Finally.


Then I got an email saying that I had suspicious activity on my debit card and it was restricted. Grrrrrr. So I went down to the UVil bank branch and tried to get it worked out, but they were busy so I made an appt for 2 (around 1:20) so I went to the SBux for a bit. Then it took an hour on the phone there to get it all worked out. Plus I ordered a new card anyway. There went the afternoon. . . . .

So, made it home and did some chores and made dinner. Steaks again. I'm getting pretty handy with the steaks. I prefer a top sirloin myself; it's not as tender (though I use meat tenderizer on it) but it still feels like a proper cut of meat. I made tri-tips for the Spousal Unit. I'm getting better at it because I learned to eat it pinker than I used to.

I admit that I kind of got into steak again after a scene in Captain America: The First Avenger where the general (Tommy Lee Jones) eats a steak meal he had brought in for a prisoner (The Hydra chief scientist, Dr. Zola). How's that for some pop culture?

Walked to the Slaveway for some supplies for the Spousal Unit tomorrow. 

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