Friday, May 5, 2017

5 May 2017 (Friday)

On this day in 1936:
Quiz in Oakleys. Got pretty good grade. Listened to radio. Read book. Ate. Went to bed. 
Not really a good night, kind of back to normal. I woke up and then couldn't get back to sleep so I took 1/4 ambien and then I woke up at 4. *sigh*

Really good workout. Came home, etc., went to Cascadia and sent off a report and started on another one. This new med (Trazodone) might be doing something with my concentration because I seem to be losing track of time while working more often. Which is good. Let there around 11:40 and had lunch at 5 Guys and then got the Honder washed because it was full of cherry blossoms. That got me hone about 12:45. Gave the cats some attention and then went to UVil to cash a couple of checks -- yay, finally got paid for April! -- and get some prescriptions, and then went and met Fiona at the SBux. She gave me a couple of tiny pink lawn flamingos for my birthday:
Had a nice visit, too. Came home and put a load of laundry in and then changed the litter box because it was kinda smelly. I usually do that on Sunday but had to do it early this week for whatever reason. Practiced my geetar for a bit. I've been trying to do the chords for a song called Common People which is a cover of a song that has William Shatner and Joe Jackson (Star Trek and 1980s, respectively). The original song is pretty Meh but I really like this one, even apart from Shatner being in it. The chord structure is not complicated (C-G-F) but it takes some doing to switch them quickly.

Spousal Unit took me to dinner at Ivar's Salmon House. It was pretty good, but it usually is there. Not fancy but done well.

Rough day, but then they all are these days. Which is not a bad thing IMO. 

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