Wednesday, May 31, 2017

31 May 2017 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1936:
Went to S.S. Bob came up and stayed after. Went to Ruth. Played paper dolls. Mom, Dad, Mrs. Helmich & Mr. Helmich came over.
And with that, May is in the books. I had a productive day. Slept pretty okay. Workout went very well, although I still can't do an incline press without my right shoulder hurting a lot. Getting sparse down there, but I notice that Friday is the last day of the quarter and then finals.

I did some emails here and then went to Cascadia. I got quite a bit done, mostly getting input from clients and getting reports ready for them and such. So far all of them are happy, so they will pay us money. Trying to get things done so we can invoice and finally get paid. I'm still waiting for the April 30 pay period to come through.

Went to Spam's Club and filled up the Honder and then went for lunch at NGate. Then home to give Jack lots of attention and make some phone calls trying to find some field techs for TT up at the watershed. I'm going out tomorrow after I work out.

Went to UVil to get supplies for tomorrow and for dinner tonight. Pleasant day out, around 72. I did sit outside with a hot chocolate. Did I see anything interesting? Couple of cute dogs.

Came home and washed the Honder so it's clean for the Spousal Unit to drive tomorrow, made dinner, walked, etc. We met a couple of the young ladies renting the house on the corner, who had a really cute little dog. Apparently he's a 10-month old rescued Thailand street dog. That is one lucky dog. Most areas of southeast Asia don't have big stray dog problems because they eat them. Which, of course, we find atrocious but they don't. One has to feel bad for all the dogs though, born into a poverty-stricken short life only to be captured, killed, and eaten. Probably not as bad as The Wild, but still.

Then again, we put tens of millions down every year. 

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