Wednesday, May 3, 2017

3 May 2017 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1936:
Went to Sunday School. Ruth stayed here. Played paper dolls. Listened to Radio. 
First night I needed a bit o' ambien in probably a week last night. I don't know, I was kind of wired up all evening. But I slept okay otherwise. Had a really good workout, too. I couldn't run, however, because my left foot hurts. Will probably ease up once I quit doing so much weight. After tomorrow I plan on cutting back on the amount of weight and just doing more reps.

Came back home and started working on a report and other Cascadia stuff. Went to get coffee and the floor guys came around 10. I had one of them help me haul the washer out, I hope they don't ding me $75 for that. Well, they shouldn't since they didn't help me get it back in. Took them until about 2:30 to finish it. Here's a pic:

Looks really nice, they did a good job installing it.

I worked on reports and such all morning and went for lunch at McD's for a break. Worked some more when I got back and then once they'd finished I piddled around on various items. Had to go to the grocery store for some chicken broth for dinner. I made what I call "Jew Bean Soup" because it comes from a book called "The Healing Jaw" which always looks like "The Healing Jew" at first. Anyway, I used the recipe with some of the pork loin. I ate a little pasta beforehand to make sure I have muscle energy tomorrow morning.

73 degrees today, even though it rained most of the morning. Walked down to the Metropolitan Market to get milk. Foot still hurts, but it was a pleasant walk. 

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