Sunday, May 28, 2017

28 May 2017 (Sunday)

On this day in 1936:
9 days and 1 hr. Lightning this morning. Practiced and Read Girl of the Limberlost. It's swell. I'm almost done. [Vic/Vici] came over and worked on [honolours].
I slept in three different locations last night. I woke up in the bed after not too long because my knee hurt like the dickens and I couldn't find a position where it didn't, so I went to the TV room and the cats had taken over the couch so I went on the floor for quite a while and then up to the couch. I kept waking up and once probably around 3:45 (or so, I didn't look at the clock) when I started to get all wound up, but managed to calm back down (without assistance I might add) and dozed off for quite a while and had some interesting dreams. My back really hurt when I woke up. Damn thing.

Lately -- and this may sound really weird but it seems to be working somewhat -- when I wake up and start to get all worked up, I've been imagining sort of floating on water, but the water is supposed to represent the Whole World. For some reason, I am trying to, at some point, really feel like I've completely melted and become part of Everything. I don't know where that came from or how I decided on that as a goal, but it's been focusing my mind somewhat.

Anyway, I slept until almost 5. Did the usual morning stuff and the Spousal Unit came in at 5:45 because Jack was bugging her. I made pancakes. Didn't go to Mass. Oh I did watch the Gran Prix of Monte Carlo. Still boring, the finishing order is almost set after the first turn. I did some more work on the data entry form, changed the litter box, etc. Watched some of the Indy 500. HUGE crash on lap 56 I believe. Really spectacular, but it says something about modern engineering that both drivers walked away with really no injuries. Something like that 40 years ago, probably even 25 or 30, would probably have been seriously injured if not killed.

Went out to lunch and then did our usual Sunday shopping stuff at UVil just so we have tomorrow free. I practiced my guitar a little bit (hadn't done that in like 5 days), made dinner, walked. Went by Sunny's house and three generations were out front on the steps: Sunny, her daughter Leann, and her daughter Emma. Had a nice chat with them. Now home. Watching the Coca Cola 600.

86 today, supposed to cool off tomorrow. 

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