Tuesday, May 23, 2017

23 May 2017 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1936:
Cleaned up play room. Annabelle came and we took some books outside and read.
No countdown!

So, without much ado, today was a s**t day. Period.

Oh, it started out okay. Woke up at 4:15 (meh, but okay), rode to the IMA no problem, had a good workout no problem, rode back no problem. Saw a dead crow in the street so I went and picked it up, had a short burial ceremony at the garbage can, and went inside to eat my bagel.

Then the trouble began.

I had taken my wallet out of my gym backpack so I wouldn't forget it.

And of course I forgot it.

Had dropped off the Honder at the interior place, went into the NGate SBux where I realized I didn't have said wallet and at least got some caffeine using Apply Pay on my phone. Yay, that worked. I expected that they would let me just take the car and come back and pay them, but no, their policy is to not let the car go until payment. *harumph*

Texted Spousal Unit if she could call in a credit card # but she was in a meeting with senior manager and couldn't do it until she got out. Which was an hour and a half later. So I did some work and revised my old AMC Hornet Bond Car post because Roger Moore died today. Finally a little after noon we got that straightened out and I drove (carefully) home. Got said wallet and headed out to lunch and Cascadia.


First thing I did was close the door and realize I had left my keys inside. Grrrr. Happily we keep a spare key in a plastic rock out back so I got that. However, I failed to take the warnings and headed out anyway. Lunch went fine.

Then I had a minor accident.

All my fault, of course, I was hurrying and changed lanes into someone. Not much damage, mostly only paint swapping, although I later found my rear quarter panel was slightly dented. Still, IT WAS AN ACCIDENT I SHOULD HAVE AVOIDED.

The young lady I hit was actually very nice. She wasn't mad or anything and was actually doing more to calm me down than anything. I hope the niceness was genuine and she isn't claiming injury or anything.

After that, I gave up to reality and went home and did nothing of any consequence. I was even a little wary of doing laundry, all I could see were visions of flooding the basement. I sat out in the sun and read for a while (a biography of TE Lawrence which is fascinating). Came in and did some piddly things -- again, nothing of much consequence -- made dinner, walked.


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