Tuesday, May 2, 2017

2 May 2017 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1936:
Practiced. Played out. Annabelle asked Shirley for her May basket back 'cause Shirley didn't give her one. Nice day.
Ha ha ha. Teenaged girl drama.

Slept well again last night, no assistance. I wonder if this junk is causing something of a slight drop in blood pressure because I seem to be getting the standing-up-too-fast dizziness more often. Kinda feels like my feelings have been muted too. Which is a good thing in my view.

Workout went well. I did 658 lbs already, and it went okay -- two sets of 5 with the last ones being kinda tough -- so I may just go for 700 on Thursday. It's a nice rounder number than 658 anyway. Although it would be more like 702 or something like that. Anyway, I think I should be able to do it.

I went downtown all ready to get the data entry forms set up with ODK. . . . .but then the server wouldn't respond. So it was kind of a wasted morning although I did some Cascadia work so it wasn't a total loss. Rowena was busy and couldn't go for coffee, and Sharon wasn't there so it was socially aborted as well. *harumph* I left at around 12:45 and when I got home I started clearing out the laundry room for the floor people tomorrow. We were able to move the drier out this evening but the washer is too heavy. I may try to get them to help me with it for free (they usually charge $75 per appliance) but otherwise I'll just pop up to the hardware store and rent a hand truck.

Other than that, I did some more minor chores and made dinner, etc.

I downloaded the soundtrack to one of the new Captain America movies "The Winter Soldier" last night and was listening to it today. Meh. Not nearly as good as the Tron: Legacy one, but not bad. The recording isn't great, I don't think. I played it on the big stereo and there was precious little bass. Probably mastered for earbuds.

One bit of modern slang for you reading this far in the future: Apparently, the word for a nice looking bottom is called 'cake'. E.g., if you are walking down the street and see a great looking butt you say something like "That's a great piece of cake". Although a bit of Internets research seems to indicate that it is more restricted to a big ol' female's butt. Probably has already morphed into a generalized term for a nice butt.

Thus enders today's lesson.

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