Monday, May 15, 2017

15 May 2017 (Monday)

On this day in 1936:
After school went to town got slacks, shirt, overhauls[sic]. Saw Jimmy Allen in person and "Sky Parade" show. 
This looks to be the Jimmy Allen she's talking about.

I had a decent day, I guess. Had to take a couple of snorts of ambien at around 3 to get back to sleep, otherwise I would have been dead today. As it was I slept right until the alarm went off at 4:15. I stopped at the QFC/SBux on the way out and got out to the site by 6:15. Here is what Rattlesnake Ridge looked like at 6 this morning:

I wish I could have gotten one with that and the lake at the base, but no.

Workday went okay. TT said the one guy would be an ass but we got along fine. Did a little safety briefing and then. . . . .I waited. Actually, he started scouring out the swale pretty quickly, but then he went off to do something else and I was standing around doing nothing until I decided to do some screening myself instead of taking a sample out for tomorrow. So I did that. Then they started doing the trench for the building footings and that was a little more interesting. Never did get any samples since the area I was going to get one from ended up being all messed up with old pipes and junk. Some interesting stuff though. Couple of concrete areas, an old sewer pipe, a water line which was supposed to be off but wasn't, and then some interesting metal objects. They stopped to clean stuff up at 1:30 so I took off. Am going back up tomorrow but after I work out and drop the Honder off. Yes, it's having more problems. I think we may fix this and then seriously think about selling it and getting a new one.

Went to UVil to get stuff for tomorrow and gassed up the vehicle. Rained some today up there but is raining steadily now. 

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