Sunday, April 9, 2017

9 April 2017 (Sunday)

On this day in 1936:
Got up about ten. Read practiced. Make a pair of pajamas for my doll. Played out late. (Iris and Lee are here)
This will be fascinating for me to read as she becomes a teenager. I know next to nothing about young girls.

Woke up to yet another anxiety attack (or whatever) at 3 again. Took 1/4 ambien and then slept until 5. Was still tired all morning. Did not go to Mass although I could have, but it's Palm Sunday and it would be packed, so, no. I did nap though. Didn't do much else except change the litter. Watched the start of the race. Went to UVil. We ate outside even though it was probably too cold to do so, but it seemed nice. Got way too expensive sandwiches at the Italian deli place on the corner. They were $10+ and decidedly Meh. Not much else. Kinda wasted the afternoon finishing watching the race, although I did change out the outlet in the TV room for a 3-pronger. Sadly, the one I had laying around broke so I had to run out and get a new one, but it went in pretty easily after that.

On the way back I saw the Old Lady who lives(ed) on the corner of 45th and. . . .60th. Several years ago we saw her outside her house with a cute little dog, a pomeranian mix I think, who was barking at us. He -- Shaggy, we found out -- turned out to be an adorable and friendly little thing and apparently she had adopted him as something like an abused dog. Or neglected. She'd even given him a couple of surgeries for his legs. And she was very nice. A couple of years ago she had a stroke and the last time we saw her and Shaggy she was taking him and another dog out for a walk and Shaggy didn't look very good. I felt bad, I probably should have offered to take her and the dog home (although they were right across the street). By that time she didn't even remember ever meeting us. Anyway, this is the second time Ive seen our outside in the last couple of weeks. I really thought she was either dead or in a nursing home, although she could be in the latter and just visiting. She did a good thing with that dog though, so I think she has a place in heaven waiting for her.

I made primarily leftovers for dinner. Walked. Played the guitar for 30 minutes this afternoon.

One thing: Love can go f*** itself. 

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