Saturday, April 8, 2017

8 April 2017 (Saturday)

On this day in 1936:
Went to grandmas.[sic] Finished reading "Little Colonel". Hiked. Helped Dad dig ditch. Played with Jackie (Wolfe & Pat)
Odd day today. Had another big anxiety attack (or whatever) last night when I went to the TV room at about 12:15. Apparently I had been soundly sleeping and making a lot of noise to that point. That's three nights in a row. Perhaps these meds aren't really doing anything after all. None of it is bleeding over into the day though; that whole business is gone, smothered under a warm fuzzy blanket of indifference.

Ended up sleeping after that until almost 5. Still was sleepy all morning. I decided to just read most of the morning and took a short nap in the TV room and then went to the living room and just kept reading and dozing (not really) until almost 10:30. We drove to Renton just for kicks and ate at the Popeye's down there. I must have slept enough because I mostly wasn't hungry all day, but then, I wasn't hungry most of yesterday either. Dunno what it is. Cold is ebbing, just coughing a lot and stuffy. Went to the Walmart down there, what a trip. Too many people and they all seem to have lost all sense of politeness.

Oh, my friend Fiona had her backpack with her wallet and cell phone and such stolen at the gym. Probably had put it down during yoga and someone swiped it. Poor kid. But then again. . . . .well, that sucks anyway.

We just came home and I piddled around after going to the QFC for comestibles. No more napping. Made burgers on the grill. Kind of boring. Still wasn't hungry. Walked around here.

You know, life really isn't that difficult: Busy yourself making other people's lives better and quit worrying about your own. 

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