Wednesday, April 5, 2017

5 April 2017 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1936 (Sunday):
Went to Sunday School. Got piece for Easter. Went to Heberts. Played paper dolls. Stayed at our house till 10:.
I still don't really know how to play paper dolls. . . .

I think I slept okay last night although I kept waking up coughing and my back hurt. I did wake up at 3:15 and dashitall if I didn't think it was close to 4:30. There were birds chirping! I said to hell with it and took 1/4 ambien because I felt I needed to extra sleep.  Still felt like crap all day. I don't even remember when my last cold was. Workout was okay, nothing special. I didn't exactly take it easy but I didn't wipe myself out either.

I worked on the one report most of the morning and got it done. I like it. I think I figured out what they did with the one goofy site location, the one they put in the middle of the channel. The original discoverer made a drawing with two areas labeled "site", one to the northeast about 1/4 mile and one to the southwest 1/4 mile; I think they split the difference. I mean, that's dumb, right? But a larger map shows only the one area.

I went to lunch at NGate. Then stopped by the car place and the guy said to bring it in some day in the next couple weeks and leave it overnight and they'll try again without charging. Then stopped by the carpet store and asked about flooring for the basement laundry room. They're coming out next Thursday to measure and such. Then home and over to UVil to force-relax at the SBux, and dinner stuff, and home. I took out a guitar book and just practiced their beginner chords for a good 30 minutes. Am I making progress? Some. Not a whole lot though.

Was coughing a lot last night. We went to UVil and I got some cough stuff. This really sucks. 

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