Tuesday, April 4, 2017

4 March 2017 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1936:
Read. Practiced. Made cookie dough. Played. Went to store. Finished "Beloved [Acreas]". Went to Heckers -- Surprise Party. 
This is the book, Beloved Acres by John H. Hamlin, 1925.

I guess today wasn't too bad. I slept okay last night despite my sore throat. Woke up probably at 3 (I quit looking at the clock) but managed to get back to sleep until about 4:30 which was good. Oh, at 3 I was walking through the kitchen and saw something on the floor by the fridge but couldn't see what it was. Turned out to be a big ol' pike of cat barf. I cleaned that up and then was going to the bedroom and smelled something awful only to find Daisy had left a big ol' turd uncovered in the litter box and a dingleberry on the rim and they stank to high heaven. So I got to spend a few minutes just after awakening cleaning up cat emissions. Later on I grabbed the offender -- Daisy -- and we had to clean her butt which she obviously didn't like.

Had planned on doing a light workout but I was actually feeling not too wiped out so I had mostly a normal leg workout, 608 lbs again. Came back home and worked on the Blakely Island report all morning except for a trip to the church to drop off donations and for caffeine. I learned that the airstrip  that someone had told me was built in the 1950s was probably there in at least 1947 because one of the old archaeological site forms from August 2 1947 mentioned it. I think I finished that one although I need to proof it yet. Will do that tomorrow morning.

Went to lunch at NGate 5 Guys and then went to Spam's Club to gas up the Mustang and get some stuff. Came home, did a couple things and then went to the UVil SBux to relax for a while. By noon the throat had passed from soreness and I was doing the sneezing/coughing/nose running stuff. This cold seems to be working through itself pretty quickly. I expect to be mostly over it by Friday. Came home and played an old pinkish sort of song on the geetar, by which I mean playing along badly. I'm still thinking of trying keyboard. Since I don't sing this here guitar is. . .well, I dunno, not terribly useful unless I'm playing strictly instrumental stuff. There's tons of junk I could play on piano without any singing involved since you can do melody on it. We'll see.

I watched some TV instead of reading like usual because I just wanted to vegetate. Walked around here. Not raining yet but is supposed to start and not let up much for the next three days. 

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