Sunday, April 30, 2017

30 April 2017 (Sunday)

Slept okay again last night, albeit on the floor. I woke up on my back at some point and my lower back hurt so bad I could barely roll over. I don't know why that hurts it. I went to Mass though. Still didn't get a whole lot out of it, same old stuff. Margie was glad to see me though.

I didn't nap all day either. I think I watched something when I got home. Wait, at 4:30 I watched the F1 race. Booooooring. After the first turn we had the final top 4 finishers. The NASCAR race was far more interesting. Went to lunch at McDs and then to UVil for the usual stuff. Came home and watched the end of the race and then I waxed the Honder. It looks nice waxed, the finish has a nice lister about it. Sprinkled a bit while I was doing that but it didn't mess it up. Did the usual chores. Walked up to the Slaveway because I had to get more chocolate milk. 

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