Monday, April 3, 2017

3 April 2017 (Monday)

On this day in 1936:
Hurrah! Schools out for a week. Teachers meeting. Bob came down and stayed with me. 
Oh reeeeeeeeeally.

I feel like crap. Throat is still very sore. I think it's definitely a cold. Been taking zinc all day. Slept rather badly last night. Had to take a bit o' ambien. Slept until 3 and then managed to sleep again until. . . . .3:45. Or so. Meh. Apart from the cold I felt okay. Workout was kind of weak, partly because I didn't feel well, but I was also taking it easy because I had to do a survey this morning as well. That went fine. Digging was fairly easy. In a nice house right next to the Montlake Cut on Shelby St. They had a lot of the people who own the house and the structural engineers and etc., there so I chatted with some of them. Gave my card to a guy who complimented me on cleaning up my holes very well. So maybe (he was a landscape designer) we'll get some work from him in the future.

I finished that around 11:45. Went to McD's for lunch. Came home, and then took the rest of the fence material to the dump. The big concrete chunk wasn't that bad to haul. I had 320 lbs worth. Then I went up to Cascadia and returned the pry bar. Told them I would work at home for a couple of days to prevent spreading my disease. Came home, transferred my photos -- I'd forgotten my field camera so I used my iPhone, which is probably just as good -- and then cleaned out the SuBAru a little, mainly vacuuming and cleaning up the dash. Fiddled with the guitar a bit but felt too lousy to do much. Dinner, walked at UVil to get medical supplies.

Nice day out for the most part, and tomorrow would be nicer. I plan on working at home in the morning and then maybe taking it easy in the afternoon down at the UVil or something. 

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