Saturday, April 29, 2017

29 April 2017 (Saturday)

Day 2 of Traxodone: Meh. I slept pretty well last night, didn't need any assistance, and slept until 4:30 (may have dozed off again until 4:50). Cats were both on the couch so I slept on the floor. Hurts my hips after a few hours.

Went out for breakfast. Not bad. I went to the gym. I did three sets of 5-6 at 618 so I should be able to hit 650 next week. Probably will do 658 because it's easier, just throw on another 45 lb plate instead of the 25. Am still shooting for Thursday but may do it Tuesday instead because I may end up in the field Thursday.

Came home and then went to Ballard. Yes, Ballard. I lived in Ballard when I first moved out here in 1985 and hated it. Now it's gentrifying and I still don't care for it much. The Spousal Unit wanted to go to the Locks so we did that, eating at sort of a dive next to them. Meh. I should have gotten pancakes like she did because my Greek fries weren't that great. Well, I really needed something light and sweet. Walked around the Locks for a while and then headed back and stopped at the UVil to get more bonito flakes for the cats. Then home. I turned on a Hulu movie which was uncensored TV bloopers. Some of them were really pretty foul. The earlier shows were funnier, I think because a lot of the actors had more theater experience. It was amusing.

Made dinner. Drank a little beer. This was really a good batch. But I was feeling overfull all day so I didn't want to drink very much. Went to NGate because it is raining. My brother Jeff is in FdL now.

Good day. And by Good I mean it was flat.

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