Friday, April 28, 2017

28 April 2017 (Friday)

Well, first day after this new crap, Trazodone or whatever. Can't say it made any noticeable difference in my sleeping last night, although I may have stood a chance of going past 4. . . .except Daisy started throwing up at 3:50. Grrrrrrr.

And what's with all these anti-anxiety/depressive drugs that warn against erections lasting 6 hours? WTF?

Anyway. Decent enough workout I guess. Started off okay, but kind of weakened up over the last half or so. I did everything I needed to though.

Came home, scarfed down bagel and then went to Cascadia. I had to start on the report and get some older reports from the network and also check on some payments to see if I could send out the final reports (one had come in). I left there around 11:15, and we went to Pagliacci for lunch and then an estate sale in Windermere. Meh. Also picked up the Honder which I had dropped off before going to Cascadia. Got a new muffler and oil change. It seems to be doing something in second gear occasionally though; kind of jerking. Seems to do it going uphill at a certain RPM (around 26-2800 I think). Hope it's just the clutch breaking in. I took it down to get it washed for the first time in years since we can go through a car wash without having the trunk fill up with soapy water. Mowed the yard when I got home, too. Didn't do much else, except read and make dinner. Walked.

Had a full bottle (almost) of my latest batch of beer. It's almost perfect. I could probably wean the alcohol down a bit more, but as it is I can drink a pint and a half without feeling too bad. That is, my stomach is okay with it and I don't feel the alcohol too much. But it's the right color and flavor and it's got a nice head on it, a dense foam that stays around. Will probably cut one of the malts down some more and see how that works. 

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