Tuesday, April 25, 2017

25 April 2017 (Tuesday)

No entries in the diary until May 1.

Sucky day mostly. Woke up at 3 and didn't go back to sleep. Got up a little after 4. Workout was okay. I may actually hit 650 next week. The 608 I can do pretty well, two sets of 5-6 and they're pretty deep. I think with two more days of those I should be set to try 650 next Thursday. It will definitely be at my limit though. Stewart was back, apparently he'd been to Mexico City and got sick and so spent at least a couple of days in the hotel room on the toilet. I asked if he was now planning on putting a bidet in his house. "Funny guy!"

Went to Cascadia and did next to nothing because the email was down. Left and went to the floor store and was going to get that going but I wanted to use my Alaska card so I could get miles for it, but then after I left a message they never called back, so I may go back tomorrow. Also put gas in the Honder and then got some painting supplies.

Went to lunch at McD's and then started painting. I put all of the doors in the garage and did it there. Went okay, although I was a bit concerned when I scraped one or two and the orange showed through. I hope the paint layer hardens up sufficiently so that scratching it won't do that in the future. But it went okay. No major messes. I tried to be very careful with it and just do a good job on each door and not just try to finish it. Damn things are HEAVY though. I was thinking I might eep the (wood) handles that are there now and paint them the same gray as the trim, that might look very nice.

Finished that around 3 and then did various things. I drank a glass of wine on the off chance that it will help me sleep tonight. Who knows.

Went to UVil because I needed chocolate milk and it was starting to rain. 

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