Friday, April 21, 2017

21 April 2017 (Friday)

On this day in 1936:
Commercial Club Dinner. Mary and Helen came down to play baseball. Still hot. 
On this day in 753 BC:
Rome was founded.
Slept pretty good last night. Was out like a light for at least a couple of hours and then went to the TV room where I went right back to sleep until around 4:30. So, good. Did sort of wake up in a bad mood with yet another epiphany, which I shall refrain from mentioning here.

Workout was really good. Pasta + adequate sleep = Good Workout.

Came home and did some piddling around and then drove to the UVil, parked, got mocha at the SBux there and then walked up to campus to meet Sharon at 10:30 (she showed up around 10:15). There were approximately 1 billion kids on campus for some reason. We figured out the tablet and the ODK (Open Data Kit) thing and then she left. ODK is a free database package (sort of) where you can make up data entry forms for a tablet or phone and then use it to collect data which will go up to any server anywhere in the world you can connect to. It's being used a lot in developing countries because it's free and they have cell networks. Engi is using it to collect data for her next study in Nairobi.

I hung out there for a bit and then got a slice of pizza at the HUB and took it outside on the lawn to eat it. Little damp grass but not too bad. I returned my book and then checked into something for Jana and then headed down to UVil to meet Fiona. We sat outside for quite a while and had a very nice visit. I got a few comestibles for dinner and then came home. I sat around for a bit and then started dusting my room and the Spousal Unit came home and we walked in Laurelhurst.

Really please 66 and sunny today. 

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