Thursday, April 20, 2017

20 April 2017 (Thursday)

On this day in 1936:
School today. Hot. Tired. played[sic] a little bit. Went to bed early. 
Actually, I think this time last year it was also hot (which for us is in the 80s).

First time in a few days I had to take some ambien, 1/4 around 3:15. I checked into another potential sleep medication but will go into that later if it happens. As it was I slept pretty well. Bed, couch, floor. Woke up kind of angry I guess. Not really an angry workout. . .well, maybe. My 608 lb presses are getting pretty good so on my bday I may go for 650. I was thinking all day of having Stewart take a photo of it so I could put it on Facebook, but later this afternoon I reminded myself that I am not to be seeking attention. So I don't know. I've only made one post since I gave it up on March 1 or thereabouts, and only Liked one thing and commented on another (my friend Shannon's cancer update post). I dunno, maybe I won't ever fully go back.

Anyway, workout was very good and I went to Cascadia until about 11. I think most everything is under control. Let there around 11 I guess. Dropped by home and went to UVil for lunch although directly afterwards I was kind of shaky and it felt like I hadn't eaten anything. I got a donut at the QFC (mainly because I needed cash) and actually went home and ate half of it. Anne called to reschedule me for my hair cut at 1:45 which then got shoved back to 2, so I went to the UDist around then. Stopped in a used record/CD/video/speakers/receivers/guitars/etc. store on the Ave. It may be my favorite store. Didn't buy anything though.

Dropped by the UVil QFC for dinner stuff and then home. I got out the new saw and started cutting down the cabinet doors in the basement. It went surprisingly well, very definitely a good purchase on that saw. It only took a little over an hour to do 9 doors. That was good. Now all we need to do is paint everything which won't be a simple task, but can probably be done in a couple of days. Will try to buy the paint this weekend and get that done next week.

Walked and ended up talking to several of the neighbors.

Today was mostly a good mood (and by "good" I don't mean "happy" or "pleasant" or whatever, I mean it was the right sort of mood: Not happy, not sad, not anything except somewhat angry and determined).

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