Sunday, April 2, 2017

2 April 2017 (Sunday)

On this day in 1936:
Had test in S.S. got 96% & 88%. Wrote organization. Hygiene and test in arithmetic. Practiced. Did schoolwork. 
Right now I am typing this and attempting to reset an old iPod to factory settings (i.e., clear it out). I am failing. The rest of today I was trying to copy all of my iTunes music to my old Android phone. And failing. That thing still irritates me. I did solve one problem though: I'd kept copying music files to the dumb thing and the music player wouldn't recognize them. I thought it was some file location thing or something. Turned out to be iTunes-protected files. All I had to do was change the extensions from .m4p to .m4a. Had to download a utility to do so in bulk. Anyway, then I tried copying them over and the dumb file utility left erroring out.

This is the state of software today: I can use my phone to make my face look like a dog's, BUT I CAN'T COPY A BUNCH OF F***ING FILES FROM MY MAC TO AN ANDROID PHONE.

So yeah, I am still ticked about this.

Otherwise, I . . . aha, just solved the iPod problem. It had been stopping mid-song in a lot of tracks like the song file was corrupt or something. I am thinking that by wiping it and starting over that might solve things.

Slept pretty well last night. We were going to eat in but had no fixings for anything so we went out. I went rogue and had a chili cheese burger, no bun. Meh. Not hot enough. Had some of Spousal Unit's french toast, too. I didn't do much the rest of the morning. Took a nap. Naps actually; two of them separated by about 15 minutes. Odd that. Went to the Taco Slime on Lake City, again meh. And then UVil and the usual stuff. Came home and watched the race (Martinsville). The guy I was rooting for won; he drove a Lite Beer car and that's whoever I root for, the beer car(s). I mowed the yard with something like 90 laps remaining and finished with 12.

Didn't practice guitar all weekend, I feel bad. Sat around a lot this afternoon trying to do the phone-music thing. My throat has gotten progressively sorer all afternoon. I think it's allergies because it gets worse when I go outside. But we'll see. I do occasionally get allergic to something every now and then.

Otherwise, the really bad mood of yesterday is gone. More philosophical today. Sad, but philosophical. 

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