Tuesday, April 18, 2017

18 April 2017 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1936:
Still hot. Ruth came over played out. Roy & [Dear] got married. Edward locked us out broke window. 
Ha. They got locked out and broke a window to get in. You know, I didn't really notice this but she is writing in the middle of the Depression. I wonder if they were affected much by it.

I mostly slept through the night but woke up at 3:45. I laid there a while "praying" as usual probably until about 4:15. Workout went really well, I guess. I started to do some work at home and then went to the SBux and then to the car leak place. I told him to put no more than 3 hours into it and then we'll just call it quits. Not really useful throwing more money at it. Spent the rest of the morning at Cascadia. Still working on a couple of proposals and R said we will start charging for 2-way drive time. Up to now we've been only charging for the drive there and not back, but he's been losing money or barely breaking even for the last couple of years so he's trying to find ways to boost revenue. He's already had us hold onto final copies of reports until we get the final invoice payment. I also arranged to go down to Saltwater State Park next week.

Left there and had lunch at the 5 Guys. Then went to the flooring place. I brought home a few samples. A couple might work. Then home to check email again and then to the UVil to get dinner stuff and then I went and got a new outlet for the TV room. That went in pretty easily. I did a few other odds and ends at home, including changing the batteries on my bike flasher. Dinner by that time. Arranged a hair cut for tomorrow. Walked at UVil for tomorrow's dinner stuff because showers were passing through. Don't know how I'll get to the car place tomorrow if it's raining. Maybe I'll run. 

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