Monday, April 17, 2017

17 April 2017 (Monday)

On this day in 1936:
This week seemed awfully long. Hot. Yet. Windows open. Fire drill. Every body felt [funn] today. Took lesson. played[sic]. Got [Jinnsn] Allen paper. 
Kind of a Meh day. I slept okay, without assistance. I woke up at around 4 but then laid in bed (actually on the couch) and just. . .well, not prayed, but I. . . .thought a bunch of stuff. May have dozed off because I woke up/got up at 4:25.

Workout was odd. I didn't feel all that strong but I pushed through it anyway. When I got home I ate my bagel, worked on a couple of proposals, and then loaded my bike into the Honder and went to drop it off at the leak place. Guy called this afternoon and said he'd found another leak by the base of the trunk. Think we'll have him try to fix this and then call it. Can't keep dumping money into it like this. I left around 11:15 from Cascadia (a few blocks from where I dropped the car off) and rode home. Of course, it was sunny up until that point and then it was cloudy and sprinkling. Grrrr. And then sunny after I got back. Grrrrrr. Ride was okay though. I followed Greenwood/Phinney down to where the Ballard Bridge is and then hit the Burke Gilman and took that almost all the way home. Took 45 minutes.

One of my proposals was all wrong. I didn't read it through. Well, I didn't look at all the documents. Although in the end it will probably be the same amount.

Oh, found out the floor tiles are around 2% asbestos. Disposing of them properly would cost $85 plus materials for wrapping them. Instead, I wrapped them in a couple of plastic bags and am putting them in the garbage. They're not friable so I'm not concerned. That means the tiles will have to stay there and we'll just put the new floor over them. Maybe this week I will start cutting down the cabinet doors. Although I need to look at floor samples. Will probably try to get a commercial sheet so there wouldn't be any seams.

I did hang out at SBux for a bit. I was parched and in need of sugar after that ride. Came home, did stuff, dinner, went to Target because it was raining. Was busy all day so I was doing okay, but fortunately the bad mood came back. 

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