Sunday, April 16, 2017

16 April 2017 (Sunday)

On this day in 1936:
Still hot. Had fire drill in school. Everybody noticed the hot weather. Practiced. Made some paper dolls. 
Kind of a bleh day I guess. I slept okay, went downstairs for the first time in a long time just for something different. Took a while to get back to sleep down there but then I was out until 3:30 when I both woke up and Jack decided he needed to come down and chat. I went back upstairs. Had been laying there for a while, so I took 1/4 ambien and. . .well, was only out for another 45 minutes *harumph*. I made pancakes and we used real maple syrup for almost the first time. Have to say it was quite good. Will probably stick with it.

I watched a movie from 1988 this morning, too. Had Anthony Hopkins in it and it was called The Tenth Man:
Based on the novel of the same name by Graham Greene, this is a story of a French advocate Chavel who, while imprisoned by the Germans during the occupation, trades his material possessions to another prisoner in exchange for his life when condemned to the firing squad. At the end of the war, Chavel, posing as one of the other prisoners, returns to his home which is now occupied by Therese, the sister of the prisoner he traded his possessions to, and who bitterly awaits the return of the man who had indirectly caused the death of her brother. His real identity unknown to Therese, Chavel is invited to stay as a caretaker and to identify Chavel should he return to the house. The relationship between Chavel and Therese develops until one night, someone calling himself Chavel turns up at their doorstep.
That's not the whole thing, but it was an okay sort of movie. It was a TV movie, which I could tell.

Had some trouble with lunch. We'd decided to go to the UVil and eat outside from the Chipotle but it was closed for Easter. Would you believe they are, I think, the only restaurant there where you can get a regular soda fountain drink? All the rest of the places are frou frou and sell only fancy junk in bottles. Sucks. Anyway, had to go to a pricey salad place and then to the QFC for a soda and then back outside. Sheesh.

Other than that, not much. Watched the F1 race this afternoon and it was actually kind of interesting near the end which is unusual. After that I hosed off the patio roof because of all the peanut shells and squirrel poop. They're so darn cut but they poop a lot.

Walked up to the cemetery.

I am wearing a watch again from now on. Haven't worn one in years, not because of some Big Decision not to, but because I was never looking at it. I am wearing it as a reminder. It means: I am nothing except for what I do and say and how I treat other people. 

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