Friday, April 14, 2017

14 April 2017 (Friday)

On this day in 1936:
Sleepy. Miss Buquacor (or something) is translated Miss Drinking water. Practiced. Did schoolwork.
I had to read that sentence a couple of times before I understood it.

Slept until 3:30, decided on 1/4 ambien to get back to sleep which worked sort was worthwhile. Actually only got me an additional 45 minutes but that is worth it. Workout went spectacularly well.

For posterity, I inscribe this: Today I decided to own the hurt.

I went to Cascadia but only for a few minutes because there was nothing to do. I mostly just looked up an old client that I did the scope of work for and TT did the work on and they haven't paid us yet. I left a phone message but no one got back. Bums.

I came home and. . .well, I don't remember. I went to lunch at McD's, got a burger even though it's Good Friday because, well, I don't care any more. Oh yes, now I remember, I was changing my password which in most cases is straight forward except Apple. They are asses. Even my brokerage accounts just have you type in the old one, type in the new one, and boom you're done. NOOOOooooo. Apple makes you get a code they send to your other devices before doing it and it's a royal pain in the ass and I ended up doing a lot of cussing at them and it took nearly as much time on those morons as the others combined. I fixed it after lunch. Then went to see Fiona and we had more serious talking this week. She was horrified at some of the stuff I told her. But it was good to be a little more in depth for a change. Even if we were sitting in the mall food court.

Came home, stopped at Slaveway. An older guy chatted about my car (I was in the Mustang) for a bit, that's always nice. Came home and swept the driveway and then cleaned off the roof. Read. Made leftovers. Meat again even though it's Good Friday because, well, I don't care any more. Walked.

I did go back to Facebook today. I decided, as I stated above, to own the hurt. I made one post about my impending trip to Wisconsin that was it. I will not look around it very much any more, nor will I post anything to draw attention to myself. I want nothing for myself. And I also want nothing from anybody else. If I can live the rest of my life heeding those two commandments, I will be pleased.

Otherwise, the universe can go f*** itself. 

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