Wednesday, April 12, 2017

12 April 2017 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1036:
Easter Sunday. Got up early and went with Heberts to Sunrise Service. Saw two people faint. Went to S. S. [con't]
Slept badly last night. I woke up the second time and took over an hour to get back to sleep and two hits of 1/4 ambien. Just could not settle my mind down. I finally did doze off and it was a very relaxing sleep. Felt tired all day though.

Had another huge Epiphany today, hopefully the last one. I'm good with this one.

Workout went okay. Despite halfway decent rest and pasta last night I still felt kind of heavy. Ran on the track and my legs felt kind of heavy, too. Spent the morning at Cascadia and pretty busy with the one report and doing some archiving. Had a few moments of panic when I thought I had let one completely slip away from last December. Was okay though.

Had lunch at NGate and then came home and did a little more work. I went to UVil SBux just because I really needed a mental break and it helped. Came home and attempted to photograph books for eBay but the light is wrong and I have to bring a lamp from the Shop to do it tomorrow. Instead of that I started piddling with the cemetery data again and after going up to the cemetery after dinner -- Spousal Unit was coming back late -- I finally figured out where I left off so I can start doing that again.

Got a message from cousin Michele that made me feel better. She's going through some difficulties though, so I am going to send her a card tomorrow.

Otherwise. . . . .well, I hope I'm on the road to . . . . wherever. 

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