Tuesday, April 11, 2017

11 April 2017 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1936:
Got up 'bout 9:10. Practiced. Gra'ma came. Did some school work. Played outside for a while. 
That " 'bout " was cute.

I had a good day and a bad day. Good day in that most everything went well. Bad day, well, otherwise. I looked at some web thing that had the 7 Signs of Depression in Men. Meh, I only got 4. I woke up at 2:30 and again at 3:30, both times requiring some assistance. Crap meds aren't doing squat. (Can you tell I'm in an incredibly foul mood? I thought so)

Workout went fine though. Went downtown to finish up the stuff I hadn't gotten done. Turned out I had to do some more work on the code than I thought, but I was done by like 10. Or 11. Or something. At any rate, I ate lunch outside, even though it was kind of cold. Well, it was okay in the sun and out of the wind. I also helped an old lady with a cane with two doors, and told the barista chick that her skirt was awesome (purple sequined thing) and that she should have a strobe light on it so she could be like a mirror ball. Both the old lady and the young lady seemed pleased with my efforts at making them happy and that is all that matters.

Didn't do much else after that. Engi stopped by and it was great to see her. Sharon was there too so we got caught up. She is suffering from migraines induced by computer screens so she's restricted in what she can do for the time being. I am going to learn some ODK (Open Data Kit) and help Engi make up some data entry forms for her project at Coptic this summer. Won't get paid for it but I need the experience and Engi could really use the help so two strikes and that's all that matters.

I stopped by the cathedral and lit another vigil light for Shannon and prayed a few minutes. Admittedly, I mostly prayed for me this time but whatever. I think she appreciates the gesture and if it helps with the healing that's all that matters.

Are you sensing a pattern here? Nothing matters except them.

Walked to the grocery store to get some stuff, that was about it.

And I will reiterate what I ended with Sunday. 

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