Saturday, April 1, 2017

1 April 2017 (Saturday)

On this day in 1936:
Patty's 9th birthday. Put salt in the sugar bowl but nobody touched it. Girl's Club. Did school work. 
BTW, here's a picture of the diary:

I did kind of look ahead yesterday and read the bit about the salt in the sugar bowl. I did something similar this morning and salted one of the Spousal Unit's pieces of toast as an April Fools. Didn't go over well.

I am forced to admit that later this afternoon and this evening I have been of the mood wherein I have wished I could just dry up and blow away. Meh. Sometimes I get like this. Don't like it. But it just adds fuel to the fire I guess. I don't like weekends. Too little to do.

I should go read The Thorn Birds again.

Anyhoo. Slept through the night again, until 4:30. Had breakfast in with the aforementioned Toast Incident. I went to the IMA to work out, carefully checking their WEB SITE before going to make sure there were no parking issues.


That really irritates me to no end. So I was annoyed the rest of the morning. Instead I did some cleaning, including vacuuming the downstairs. I really like Norma's old vacuum. I've never had a new one before except for the little Electrolux. This one is nice. Even self-propelled I think. Light and quiet and it picks up. It's a keeper. I may get rid of the other ones.

Also watched yet more of some documentary about some Google exec who decided to jump from a balloon at 138k feet. For whatever reason. It was interesting.

Went to the BBQ place for lunch and got sides and a pound of brisket which we had for dinner (half of it anyway). We met the new neighbors who have bought Norma's house. Couple with two young kids. Seem very nice. Also looked very happy to have bought the place. Norma would be happy. Is happy. Whatever. That was on our way to an estate sale up on 36th. Meh. Small house. Lots of stuff but nothing very interesting. Had a nice chat with one of the neighbors though.

Walked around here. It's been showering and we stood under a tree for ten minutes because of it. Didn't think it was supposed to (and didn't see anything on the radar). May be convergence zone stuff though.

So yeah, pretty rough day emotions-wise. I guess it's okay to get this way every now and then, right? 

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