Wednesday, March 8, 2017

8 March 2017 (Wednesday)

Jean Clausen's diary:
August 25 '37. horses - walked around. Roasted wines[sic] and had big supper. Rained at nite[sic]. Sang on way home - got lost _.
I really do like this chick.

Long day. I had to take out my contacts to write this as they were so dry and cloudy I could barely read the diary. I managed to sleep okay last night (no bizarro dreams, that I remember anyway), but I woke up at 3:20 and almost started to have a stupid anxiety attack (or whatever). I arrested it quick-like with half an ambien -- I was NOT going to not get back to sleep -- and a rosary. Well, I don't think I made it through a single decade. Anyway, well rested. Worked out really well, too. Here is the conversation between Stewart and I:

Stewart: "Hey, now [other person]'s has the elbow thing, too." (I had it, he had it, now this guy had it)

Me: "Wow, I had no idea it was contagious."

S: "I guess so."

M: "I mean, I know you guys really want to Be Like Me and all, but that's a little much."

S: *laughing while trying to do something*

Anyway, funny. I got him to do some of my patented shoulder exercises. Maybe because I've gotten buff lately due to a slackening of injuries. *knock wood*

I went to the Noah's bagels at QFC and got a fresh one and a soda, and then headed up to Camano. Uneventful. Stopped at the SBux in Stanwood. When I got to the sit I almost gagged because there was a huge hole underneath the house which had already been raised. I thought they had done all that excavation without a monitor! But no, they just raised it and that was the hole it was sitting in. Good crew of guys, which I commented upon. A lot of construction crews are always yelling at each other and junk, but these guys were friendly and polite with each other. Probably the boss's influence. Anyway, it went fine, not a thing significant found and it was actually quite pleasant. Sun was out half of the time. I was done by 11:15.

Drove home and had the lunch I'd brought, and then unloaded the car and put everything away. Jana sent an email for another small survey, this time just over the Montlake bridge so nice and close. I look forward to that one.

I went to SBux to unwind. Not too many people there, not much interesting scenery. Picked up prescriptions at the Bartell's and headed home. Practiced guitar a bit but my fingers hurt more than usual. I'm still working on the Spanish riff. Not much else. Was tired, just from the drive and standing around. Well, hanging out in the weather kinda wipes me out. That's what makes my contacts all dry and stuff. 

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