Tuesday, March 7, 2017

7 March 2017 (Tuesday)

From Jean Clausen's diary:
August 20, 1937. came up [sic] He said "I don't think!" I can but he came up. He talked more about 'Hi' than anything else. 
That really didn't make much sense. But that's what was there.

Weird day. Rained all day. I woke up at 3 and I'm not sure if I got back to sleep. If I did, it was between about 3:45 and 4:30. I didn't feel rotten all day, so I suspect I did. Workout was similarly weird. I was doing well but when I was doing lunges I tweaked my right hamstring or thereabouts. Medial from the actual hamstring. Never done that before. Didn't hurt doing anything else, but I can still feel it.

Came home and started in on Coptic stuff and got myself all confused about changing ID numbers but I finally figured things out. The Honder was ready and Fiona drove me over there around 10:30. More than I thought it would be, and I sure hope its 's fixed. I may have seen a leak again this afternoon though.

Went to 5 Guys for lunch, came home and did some more Coptic work and then went to UVil for some dinner supplies and things for the field tomorrow. Everything is ready, I think.

Played guitar for a bit. Not well. Dinner, walked up to Slaveway.

I had made sure to remember yet another bizarre dream I had last night but I'm having trouble remembering it now. Oh yes, I had discovered that Seattle had another major league baseball team that I didn't know about, centered somewhere north of here (like Everett or something) and the stadium was built to resemble an ancient Roman amphitheater complete with Roman concrete and brick work. In a nice, serene location, too, very pleasant. Right before I woke up I was sitting down in a restaurant there and the waiter was explaining that they would do things like ancient Romans did them and if we gave him a sign that we would be discussing Important Political Matters he would be silent while serving, or something like that. 

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