Monday, March 6, 2017

6 March 2017 (Monday)

I had the oddest dream last night upon falling asleep the first time: I opened the front door and saw my old coworker Hendrika walking past (with a dog, I think) and I started talking to her through the open door but then Jack started trying to nose his way out and while I was trying to keep him in I was trying to remember what I had to ask her that was so important. And it irritated me that I couldn't remember and I finally asked her how one would go about obtaining activated charcoal.

I really wonder about me sometimes.

I ended up sleeping fairly well though. Only minor assistance the first time. Workout was really good, at least the first 2/3 or so, then I started to get tired. Came home and went to Cascadia fairly soon, stopping at the Church to drop off some donations first. I didn't do much there except work on Coptic stuff because I'd only gone in to help Randall with the SDOT proposal and he was late coming in. Did that and left by 11:40 or so. Ate my pad thai leftovers at home. Went to UVil, but decided just to sit in the SBux for a bit because the pad thai had made my stomach sour so I got a hot chocolate. Came home and did some more Coptic work and then started learning a little Spanish guitar piece I found on the web. Mostly for the fingering practice. Made dinner, walked, etc. 

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