Thursday, March 30, 2017

30 March 2017 (Thursday)

On this day in 1936 (Monday):
Froze last night. Made cookie in cooking. Practice and also made cookie dough at home. (Saw Bob King coming home)
I have 16 minutes of a Liquid Mind piece playing while I write this. It is a New Age . . . artist. It's very simple music, mainly just a bunch of chords but he (guy named Chuck Wild) strings them together into the nicest progressions. It's almost what they call "space music". Very relaxing.

Woke up at like 3:15 and got up at 4. Was not all that tired though, so I'm wondering if maybe I did doze off? Probably not though. Workout was okay (legs). I did 608 again and it's really at the limits of my strength. I would like to do a good set of 5-6 -- good as in dropping it all the way down -- on my birthday.

Had to do something for TT in the field right off the bat and I was able to. I went in to Cascadia as soon as I could and worked on the report for the Blakely Island monitoring. Was trying to find some history and pin down when the marina (where they were working) was built. Finally found out that SPU has a research station on the island and a little history on their web site. I contacted the web author and he gave me some decent information. Looks like it was built in the early 1970s. Anyway, I got a decent amount on that done this morning. Left around 11:40 and had lunch at NGate and then went to the Best Buy and got an Amazon Fire Stick for the upstairs TV and then gas in the Honder at Spam's Club. Piddled around a bit and then went to UVil for some comestibles and sat in the SBux for a bit. A few interesting people there. Came home, and started to set up the Fire Stick. . . .when Jack came kind of slinking in. He doesn't do that much. Then he threw up behind the TV. He doesn't do that much either. Then he went to the side of the couch and threw up. So I cleaned all that up and then when I was near my office room I smelled what smelled like someone had used the litter box, but there wasn't much of anything in it. Hmmmmmm. Went back to setting up the Fire and finally got it done and then decided to check the mail when I saw that someone had pooped on the living room floor! I think it was Daisy. Maybe that's why Jack was nervous. Maybe that's why he puked, I don't know.

Anyway, I made dumplings for the stew and they turned out pretty well. Walked down to the MM for milk.

Was in a really bad mood most of the day. I know it's the lack of sleep but I just felt really sad and hopeless all day. I suppose I can do that every now and then, yes?

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